Sunday, June 24, 2007

Helix Eagle Design

HelixArt - Here a simple design I put together about a year ago not sure how I feel about it - so I would welcome any feedback you might have. Hope all is well this Sunday, San Francisco is beautiful today. Altough the weekend did not have to much substance I always think less is more. Everybody take care and stay tuned.

CYA - Helix

Thursday, May 17, 2007

HelixArt -Helix Cross

Hello Helix Thursday - Here is a great design that I really like. Its the Helix Cross there might be a little nudity but I think its ok. This design can be put on a shirt, just use the Zazzle interface. It would be really cool to see you wearing it!! well not much to say , I am in the middle of cooking lamb chops. It seems that these are the only times I get to update a post because usually I am painting or eating.
Check out my other projects illusions and Release and feel free to visit my friends.
Have a great night and stay tuned for more art.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

HelixArt - DeathRasta

HelixArt - This piece is a favorite - Today is Wednesday and I decided to add another image to the gallery. All of these images can be put on to t-shirts via Zazzle. For more interactive and multimedia art please check out Illusions
and for a new video of a random bathroom that I encountered during lunch today go to Kytetv
Thanks for checking in!!!


Sunday, May 6, 2007

HelixArt Favorite

Hello more HelixArt, this Sunday was just fabulous the sun is out and people are living. Too bad you start feeling human and its the day before you go back to work! Well here is one of my favorite designs Helix abstract, great piece of art. well if you get a chance check out
illusions at
Lots more art there and you can see some more stuff at my multimedia gallery at
Have a great night and look out for more great stuff! Thanks.